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The public port area of El Puerto de Santa Maria has become an important centre for companiesspecializing in aquaculture production and research, which have opted for innovation, technology and development, becoming a national reference.

Fitoplancton Marino, S.L., specialist in the production of marine microalgae, was the first to establish itself in this space where it occupies ten thousand square metres dedicated to the development of marine cultures.

Another company that operates in the aquaculture cluster is Futuna Blue España, S.L., which also has anadministrative concession of 31,000 square metres for the farming of bluefin tuna, amongst other species.

The call effect produced by these two important companies also attracted the Aquaculture Technology Centre of Andalusia, CTAQUA, where they work to respond to the needs of the aquaculture and seafood sectors, developing customized solutions for their different technical and productive procedures.

Epic Aqua Solea Aquaculture, S.L. and Blennius and Acuicultura Cadiz,  have a administrative concession for the construction of an intensive sole fish farm. In short, a breeding ground for businesses where the Port Authority continues to work on other contracts that will complement this important aquaculture cluster.