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The Bay of Cadiz Port Authority seeks the balance between the economic growth of the Port and its environmental protection, the main goal being to integrate the conservation of the environment with the socioeconomic development of the activities and services carried out in the port limits.

The Environmental Policy is the tool applied for the achievement of the goal, founded on three basic pillars:

  • Those concessioned and authorized, observing and requiring the compliance of the applicable legislation and regulations.
  • Equipped with the necessary infrastructure and services, based on clean technology and good practices, for the management of waste material generated in the Port Community.
  • Preventing marine and land contamination and minimizing the effects should they occur.

The Safety and Environment Division have their own environmental recommendations that they offer to the port community to collaborate in the fulfillment of legislation and requirements established by the competent administration. In this way, the Port Authority has its own resources and/or agreed on for the control of environmental aspects and the fight against contamination (boats to clean the water, anti-contamination barriers, sensor of sedimented ribosal particles, …)

Special attention is paid to: