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Application for registration in the census and register of uses

Information for Users

Below, you will find a PDF document that you can download if you wish, with information for processing your registration in the Census and Register of Uses.


Summary of the Process

  • The process begins with the interested party’s application, which must be sent together with the forms and documents set out below, through the electronic headquarters of this Port Authority.


  1. Application for Registration in the Census and Commercial Services Benefit.
  1. Data Update Form.
  1. Declaration of non-incompatibility for contracting with the Ports Authorities.
  1. GUARANTEE: Deposit in cash, Proof of Transfer, Bank Guarantee or Surety Insurance, as a guarantee of compliance with the obligations arising from the activity to be carried out.

You can consult the amount of the guarantee in the following document.

Model Guarantee

Surety Insurance Model

  1. Authorisation to the Port Authority for the Verification of Identity Data.
  1. Authorisation for Data Processing.



  1. Copy of the Deed of Incorporation.
  2. Company Tax ID number.
  3. Power of Attorney of the Representative.
  4. Certificate from the Inland Revenue of being up to date with payments.
  5. Certificate from the Social Security of being up to date with payments.
  6. Registration and last payment of the Economic Activities Tax.



  1. Business Activities Coordinator Designation Model.
  1. Signed receipt of the Preventive Information and Instructions Manual.
  1. Declaration of Compliance with Occupational Risk Prevention Obligations.


  1. The documents required in the specific specifications for the activity requested. You can consult the specifications here.
  2. Explanatory report of the activities to be carried out, listing the companies it represents, means of organisation, volume of operations…



  1. The shipping agent will accredit compliance with the obligations relating to registration in the Consignee Register, regulated in article 8 of RD 131/2009, of 8 March, which develops the obligation to consign vessels. This register is at the level of the Ministry of Public Works.
  2. Explanatory report of the activities, including: Shipowners, lines represented and types of vessels, annual volume of operations, means and organisation and economic-financial information on the activity to be carried out.
  3. Commitment to notify modifications to the previous sections.
  4. Express declaration of knowledge and acceptance of the attached Ship Consignment Specifications. (Consult the specifications here).


  • Once all the requested documentation has been submitted, it will be checked by the different Departments of the Port Authority of the Bay of Cadiz. You may be summoned to resolve any issues that need to be clarified, and if your file is satisfactorily resolved, you will be officially notified.


Deadline for the resolution of the process

3 months, in accordance with the provisions of art. 139 of Royal Legislative Decree 2/2011, of 5 September, which approves the Consolidated Text of the Law on State Ports and the Merchant Navy.


Submission of the application

Submit your documentation here. (Section General purpose procedure / Access the online application form).

Information on the electronic site: you may only upload three documents, and their maximum size may not exceed 4 megabytes. Therefore, if the size of your documentation is larger than indicated, you must make as many entries as documents you wish to upload.