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Location Longitude:   6º 17′ West
Latitude:    36º 32′ North
Entrance Channel Wide:    250 m.
Longitude:   3.600 m.
Depth in low tide:    13 m.
Sheltered water surface 224 hectares
Land surface 125 hectares
Use Commercial, Fishing, Passengers and Sailing.
Special facilities Reparation and Transformation Center of Vessels ruled by Navantia, S.L.
Quays Longitude (mts.) Depth (mts.) Deposits (m2) Equipped with Traffic Equipm.
Reina Sofía 600 11.5 100,000 3 container cranes 40 tns. Containers and cruises 1 scale 60 tns.
Reina Victoria 206 8.5 8,218 Passengers terminal General and passengers
Marqués de Comillas 636 10 12,793 2 ro-ro ramps 100 tons. General and ro-ro Warehouse, fridge and storage pit
Muelle de la Libertad 304 10.5 58,000 1 ro-ro ramp 100 tons Paseengers and ro-ro
Muelle de las Américas 110 10.5 1 ro-ro ramp 100 tons General Ro-Ro and passengers
Muelle Ciudad 316 9 18,535 Cruise Terminal Passengers
Alfonso XIII 180 10 12,550 Cruise Terminal Passengers
La Galeona 590 16 22,727 Containers
Muelle 5 350 8 Miscellaneous
TOTAL 3,292 305,096
Quays Longitude (mts.) Depth (mts.) Deposits (m2) Traffic Equipm.
Fernández Ladreda 340 6 24,600 Fish services Auxiliary
Levante 369 6 24,752 Fish services Auxiliary
Nueva Lonja 167 6 20,975 Fish services Auxiliary
TOTAL 910    70,327    

La Cabezuela – Puerto Real

Location: Longitude: 6º 15´West
Latitude: 36º 31´North
Entrance Channel: Wide: 250 m
Lenght: 2.000 m
Depth in low tide: 13 m
Land surface: 163 hectares
Use: Commercial -Dry and Liquid bulks
Special facilities: Off-Shore Plant ruled by Dragados Off-Shore, S.A. and construction center of vessels ruled by Navantia, S.L.
Quays Longitude (mts.) Depth (mts.) Deposits (m2) Cranes / ramps Traffic Equipement Instalations
La Cabezuela West 612 13.5 161.303

1 ro-ro ramp 100 tns.
3 automobile 140 tns.

1 automobile 154 tns.

Bulks 1 scales 60 tns. Warehouses
La Cabezuela South 481 855.957
TOTAL 1.093   1.017.260        

Zona Franca

Location Longitude: 6º 15′ West
Latitude: 36º 30′ North
Entrace Channel Wide: 160 m.
Lenght: 1.200 m.
Depth in low tide: 9 m.
Sheltered water surface 4,3 hectares
Land surface 15 hectares
Use Commercial and sailing.
Special facilities Ruled by Free Trade Zone Consortium, this basin has a wide area where goods can be stored in duty free status. As public concession the Cadiz Town Hall rules a sailing center called ELCANO.-
Quays Longitude (mts.) Depth (mts.) Deposits (m2) Cranes / ramps Traffic Instalations
Poniente 325 10 17.401   General and bulks Warehouses, storage pits, industrial surface
Ribera 323 10 52.225 1 ro-ro ramp 100 tns.
1 automobile cranel 38 tns.
General and bulks Warehouses, fridges, offices, industrial surface
TOTAL 648   69.626      
Zona Franca

El Puerto de Santa María

Location: Longitude: 6º 14´West
Latitude: 36º 35´North
Entrace Channel: Wide: 80 m
Lenght: 1.250 m
Depth in low tide: 5,50 m
Sheltered water surface: 92 hectares
Land surface: 110 hectares
Use: Commercial, Fishing and Sailing
Quays Longitude (mts.) Depth (mts.) Deposits (m2) Traffic Equipement Instalations
Exterior 774 5 83.034 General and cruises 2 scales 60 tns. Warehouses and sheds
Pesquero 1.043 4,5 101.169 Fishing   Fish market and warehouses
TOTAL 1.813   184.203      

Puerto Sherry

Location: Longitude: 6º 15´ West
Latitude: 36º 35´ North
Entrace Channel: Wide: 100 m
Lenght: 200 m
Depth in low tide: 3 m
Sheltered water surface: Main: 13,520 hectares
Concrete beach: 1,785 hectares
Land surface: 21,8 hectares
Use: Sailing
Zones: Basin – Dry Marina – Dry Dock – Concrete Beach

Despite it belongs to the Public Domain of the Port Authority of Cadiz Bay, the management of sailing basin is not direct responsability of the Port Authority of Cadiz Bay, thata management is granted to Marina Puerto de Santa María, S.A.. For futher information you can consult the web site


Zone Specifications
Dársena Deep: 3 metros
Mooring Types: 11 types
Mooring number: 800 
Lenght: From 5 to 50 metres
Marina Seca Type: Estanterías
Capacity: 500 boats
Lenght: From 4 to 8 metros
Varadero Capacity: 25,000 square meters paved with energy and water points
Special Facilities: 3 travelift pools, 1 travelift of 50 Tm, 1 forklift with capacity of 10 Tm
Annexes: Workshops, Ship chandlers and Yacht brokers
Rampa Asfáltica Capacity: 1,785 hectares of inside water