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Mission, View and Values


The Port contributes effectively, both in the short and in the medium and long term, to the economic-social development of its area of influence, by means of the port activity as a continuity element in the intermodal chain. To do so, it renders quality services, with an added value, equipped with infrastructures and technology, and it exploits its resources positively interacting in its social and natural environment.

The Port Authority of the Cadiz Bay (Autoridad Portuaria de la Bahía de Cádiz: APBC), as a management body with functional and management autonomy, promotes the implementation of the initiative within the scope of influence of the Port, with a special attention to quality management.

The APBC manages its resources under the principle of self-sufficiency, with the efficiency of management contributing to the improvement of infrastructures and of the level of satisfaction of the client.

With regard to other ports, the APBC respects the principles of loyal competition.

The APBC promotes, with the agents of the port community and with the institutions and organisms, the development of participative methods for the planning, management and control of its activities.


Be acknowledged as the Port Authority with the best service to its final Clients and leaders in Total Quality Management.


They are the group of elements and essential qualities, which our Organisation assumes as its own, governing our way of acting:


  • People are the most precious asset of our Organisation.
  • Responsibility guides our behaviour and our ethics.
  • We promote the constant learning.
  • We promote team work between all areas.
  • Respect to people.
  • Constant concern to care about the environment and social impact of our activity.
  • The Port Community and Society participate on the result of our work.
  • We promote the economic-social development in our area of influence.
  • Port Authority of the Bay of Cadiz, as a management body of general interest, expresses its commitment to contribute to the economic development of its area of influence, through the efficient and sustainable management of its port infrastructures and the provision of quality services. To this end, it promotes a continuous port growth from the respect for the environment and the welfare of all its stakeholders.