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The La Cabezuela-Puerto Real dock yesterday afternoon hosted the shipment of two of the four steam-producing boilers that have been assembled at the Puerto Real dock in recent months for a Hyundai petrochemical plant in Vietnam.

The operation was carried out by the Donald ship, docked in the South dock of Cabezuela, which lifted both equipment with the help of the ship’s own crane.

As it is known, these boilers, of great dimensions, have been designed by the Scottish engineering WOOD and awarded to Tubos Reunidos Services and manufactured by its partner, the chiclanera company FIBE, specialized in special constructions related to the naval industry and tubes in general.

The four equipments began to be built in January and they have approximate measures of 12 meters long, 8 meters wide and 9 meters high, as well as a weight of 203 tons in empty and up to 285 tons, full of water.

These dimensions forced the manufacturing company to look for a suitable space in which to assemble them, considering the Puertorrean dock to be the best, where assembly has taken place since the month of February and from where they are transported by sea to their final destination.

This confirms the competitiveness and strategic location of the port of Cadiz to host operations and work of special loads.

The boilers are designed for a working pressure of 56.4 Kg/cm2; test pressure of 84.6 kg/cm2, steam production of 181.5 T/h. They are made of steel of different qualities, with a thickness of 46 mm for the water boiler and 86 mm for the steam boiler.