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Teófila Martínez asks the presidents of the Chamber of Commerce and the Confederation of Businessmen and the mayor of Puerto Real to jointly demand that the project be resumed

Monday, October 19th, 2020. The president of the Port Authority of the Bay of Cadiz, Teófila Martinez, has requested today during the celebration of the board of directors of the organization to the presidents of the Confederation of Employers and the Chamber of Commerce and the mayor of Puerto Real, all members of the council, to join forces to claim both the regional and central administration to implement the project LOGIC, formerly Aletas.

The proposal has been positively received by these representatives who will send in the coming days a letter to both the Andalusian government and the central government, claiming to resume the development of a “project of vital importance for the logistics of the future and the sustainability and economic and social competitiveness of the Bay of Cadiz,” according to the president of the port.

Teófila Martínez will also contact the special delegate of the State for the Cadiz Free Zone, Francisco González, to ask him to join this request.