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The tool will allow progress in the commitment to sustainability of the Port Authority

Thursday, 12 November 2020. The Port Authority of the Bay of Cadiz will implement an Environmental Management System with the objective of making progress in its commitment to sustainability and to be able to follow up the environmental performance of the port and the main environmental aspects of the organisation as well as the associated environmental risks.

As is known, the mission of the Cadiz Bay Port Authority is to contribute to the economic and social development of its area of influence, through the efficient and sustainable management of port infrastructures and public domain and the provision of quality services, in order to promote the most competitive transport of people and goods.

One of the values on which the APBC’s strategic policy is based is “safety, protection of people and goods and respect and care for the environment”, as stated in the different environmental objectives of sustainability and in the operational objectives of the Business Plan.

This is the basis for the new tool that aims to achieve a more efficient environmental management of general services and, specifically, of the handling of goods in La Cabezuela-Puerto Real.

With this initiative in environmental matters, the APBC also aims to strengthen the institution’s position to lead sustainable port growth and to comply with the lines marked out by the strategic framework at a state level in this area.