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The Port Authority of the Bay of Cadiz (APBC) celebrates the authorization, today, to the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda (Mitma) by the Council of Ministers, to tender, through ADIF, the construction works of the railway connection to the dock of La Cabezuela-Puerto Real.

As the president of the APBC, Teófila Martínez, remembers, “this project is a need demanded for twenty-five years by the Port Community of the Bay of Cadiz and by the public institutions, the political, economic and social agents, who have always understood that the development and competitiveness of this dock and its future growth plans go through the availability of this service, so it is very important news”.

Therefore, the President thanks ADIF President Isabel Pardo and State Ports President Francisco Toledo, as well as her predecessor in office, Salvador de la Encina, for their response to the interest of the Bay Port Authority over the past year in unblocking this project “crucial to the future port development of the entire Bay, as it connects it directly to the European rail network”.

“Since I became president I have been working to move this project forward, which since 2009 has been in complicated circumstances,” recalls Teófila Martínez, who points out that after years of vicissitudes, this last step was imminent before the state of alarm began, but unfortunately, the health alert has paralyzed it again until this moment.

According to the president of the Port Authority, “this is great news, not only for the port, but for the entire port, maritime and industrial sector of the Bay, which will finally be able to see how it responds to a historic demand. Moreover, this work will contribute to revitalize the economic development of the environment in a moment as necessary as the present one and it underpins the connection with the logistic space Logica, former Aletas, so important also for the operativity and competitiveness of the whole environment”.

“The reactivation of this project, since its financing is guaranteed with the State Ports’ own funds, is now more necessary than ever, given the impact that public investment has on the generation of employment and wealth in the environment, in addition to its importance in the development of the port activity itself”, states the President of the port.

As is known, the project is guaranteed financing by the State Ports, which will assume this work from the Financial Fund for Land and Port Accessibility, and will be executed by ADIF, which needed the approval of the Council of Ministers to be able to tender it. Once this process has been completed, the ADIF Board of Directors can put the project out to tender immediately.