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The Cadiz Bay Port Authority (APBC) has carried out 95 rapid tests that detect IGG/ IGM immunoglobulins against COVID-19 to employees who provide services in person, as well as to auxiliary services personnel and all have been negative, except for 2, which have given positive antibodies and one suspect.

The APBC carries out these tests through the external prevention service and the objective is to periodically repeat these tests on the most exposed personnel in order to identify possible positives as soon as possible and to stop contagion and extend it to the rest of the personnel as well.

This measure will depend on the availability of the test, which is limited, and depends on the permissions that the government grants to the prevention service.

The test is in addition to other measures already in place to protect workers and users, such as temperature controls in the fish markets of Cadiz and El Puerto de Santa Maria, as well as in the wholesale fish market in the port; the use of masks, screens, gloves, hydroalcoholic gel, booties and disposable overalls, as well as the placement of methacrylate protective screens at the access controls to the Cadiz dock (at the Plaza de Sevilla control), to the Cabezuela-Puerto Real and El Puerto de Santa María docks and in the warehouse, with the aim of guaranteeing a safety distance of two metres and protecting the health of all employees.

On the other hand, cleaning and disinfection work is being carried out in accordance with the protocols established by the Ministry of Health and the Department of Health and Families of the Regional Government of Andalusia. In addition, to reinforce these disinfection tasks, a portable ozone gun has been purchased.