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The cruise ship Carnival Breeze, belonging to the company Carnival Cruises Line, has obtained exceptional permission from the State to be able to dock tomorrow, Thursday 21 May, in the Port of Cadiz with the sole purpose of proceeding with the repatriation of the crew of the Carnival Victory, who have been confined to the ship since the beginning of the state of alarm on 15 March. Likewise, 6 crew members of the Carnival Breeze who have also been confined on board this vessel for two months will disembark.

As it is known, since 13 March, the restriction on the entry of cruise ships into the whole country has been maintained as a measure to contain the spread of COVID-19, although, in some exceptional cases, this ban has been lifted, guaranteeing compliance with safety and health measures.

The operation, which has been authorized by the Ministry of Health and the other competent administrations, will transfer the 400 crew members in 8 buses from the Carnival Victory, which remains berthed in the shipyard of Puerto Real (Navantia) to the Carnival Breeze, which will be moored in the commercial dock of Cadiz. The coaches will carry a maximum of 25 people each, respecting the security measures imposed by the state of alarm.

Once the vehicles arrive at the Port of Cadiz, they will go directly to the restricted area of the quay, where the crew will get off the bus and enter directly on board the ship.

Throughout the operation, a Port Police officer will remain in the area to coordinate the bus traffic, its entry and exit from the restricted area.

The operation will be carried out first thing in the morning and once it has been completed the ship is expected to set sail.

The ship is consigned to the shipyard project by Marítima Dávila and for the crew disembarkation operation it has the support of BC Shipping Agency.