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Touristic Cruises

The Bay of Cadiz Port is located in the surface area Mediterranean-front Atlantic, close of the strait of Gibraltar, with a privileged geographical situation between the Atlantic and the North of Africa for what camer being a regular port of call for cruise vessels yearly in its transfer between the Mediterranean and the Caribbeean and vice versa.


But not only for their geographical situation is Cadiz an elected destination for that ships, but rather the city, their country and the vicinity to other tourist centers in Andalucia have wakened up the interest for several companies that have included Cadiz like habitual scale at their cruises in the Mediterranean, making night in our port, because the fun possibilities that the city and its environment offer it is so wide and varied that is extremely attractive for the visitors.

Geographical Situation

Since it is possible to see in the specific chapter, the Port of  Cadiz Bay has a geographical situation favoured between (among) the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean and the North of Africa. Ideal so much as intermediate point of scale as head or end (purpose) of itinerary, done that allows him (her) his (its, her) unsurpassable accesses, so much as intermediate point of scale as head or end (purpose) of itinerary, done that allows him (her) his (its, her) unsurpassable accesses, so much for terrestrial route (highway or railroad)like air (airport of Sherry to 40 km. and airport of Seville to 120 Km.).


The relationship between Cadiz and the sea has always been special. The fenicians navigators founded it 3.000 years ago, they received their splendor for the ocean after the discovery of America and this  identification with the sea t is also manifested in the artists, in the parties, in the gastronomy and in all the facets of the life.

Disembark in Cadiz means to enter in a city with 3.000 years of history, Cadiz,  the most ancient city in the West, with a hospital and open character; a monument in itself.

In the trade there are magnificent  reproductions of the archaeological discoveries and more emblematic areas of the city; paintings, engravings, miniatures, hand-operated realized dolis, handmade jeweler's and fashion in dressing, shoes and skin acticles. You can pay with credit card.

In addition, the province has a tourist offer that is difficult to beat (top quality golf couses1, the route of the white villages, the Jerez and Bajo Guadalquivir areas and the beaches on the Cadiz coastline, to know the Moorish towns, the art of the Carthusian horses, the flamenco and the brave bull, the seafaring towns as well as the essence of the sherry wine or the white towns), and where the visitor can find high quality services of renowned prestige. Next, there are a lot of trips that fulfil all the above:

The catehedrals of the wine

Harold Lloyd, Liz Taylor, Wool Turner, Orson Wells or Steven Spielberg has come closer until Jerez to Know its cellars, attracted by the prestige of its wines and the historical elegance of the buildings. The visit finishes in all them with a tasting. The cellars are just to half hour from their cruise. it you are  in the Bay of Cadiz Port, visit them.

The art of the horses

If you have not seen dance the Carthusian horses, you shpuldn´t lose the occassion ). Visit Jerez and the Real Andalusian Equestrian Art School. The Real School is devoted to the formation of horsemen and to the breeding and improvement of the Carthusian race horses, one of the most beautiful horses in the world. Besides of, they offer its show "How they dance the Andalusian horses."

Searching the brave bull

The brave bull is so near to your cruise that neither you imagine it. It is very tempting to contemplate them in the field and in an amateur bullfight from the barrier. You can know how the is day by day in an Andaludian farm, to enjoy with a lunch and to take advantage of the opportunity to appreciate how they are raised and they are selected.

The route gives the white  towns

Under this denomination we refer to an itinerary that begins in Arcos de la Frontera and it lapses for ubrique, Grazalema, Zahara de la Sierra  and Setenil, among other towns. Some towns so white as different, so much that if Arcos distribute their  houses in the high thing of a rock, Setenil take a whole mountain for roof. The  architectural show doesn't leave impassive to anybody. As much in Grazalema as in Ubrique you can visit one another handmade centers and to buy  blankets and skin articles.

For the Moorish path: Medina and Vejer

Visit Medina Sidonia and Vejer de la Frontera is to go for a walk among the purest style of the Andalusian Arab architecture. Narrow streets, small squares, walls and castellations reveal their very old origin; both towns, declared artistic historical groups allow to combine the visits guided with the purchases of artisans products, especially cermic in Vejer and sweets in Medina, since this city was the confectioner capital of  th Arab world. One of the illustrious vivitors of Vejer was J.F. Kennedy who visited the town in 1954.

From green to green

From the blue to the green: the Bay of Cadiz Port offers he possibility to navigate and to give the best blow. It takes just twenty minutes from your vessel to arrive to international prestige golf. headquaraters of tournaments like the Volvo Masters and in 1997 the Ryder Cup. Numerous fields wait you to play where the best play.

The sailors give the Atlantic

No more than half hour to the north of the capital of the province is located El Puerto de Santa Maria and then Sanlúcar de Barrameda, ideal towns for those that want to taste the most exquisite seafaring kitchen, to know its castles and palaces and its famous cellars, located in front of the National Park of Doñana.

Other emblematic cities in Andalusia and with much tourist tradition as Seville, Ronda or Cordoba. All of them can be visited from our port.

Harbour installations

The usual berthing point for the cruises vessels is integrated in the urban centre of the city. The distance from the passanger terminal to the neuralgic city centre is hardly 5 minutes walking.

These are some services that the Port of Cadiz Bay offers to all the ships that berth in its quays:

  • 12/13 metre draught piers in low tide and 800 metres of linear berthing, provided with defenses and bollards.
  • Big parkings for buses  and taxis.
  • Facilities for fuel, water and food supplies and electric installations.
  • A dry dock for repairs.
  • Emergency or waiting areas for berthing.
  • Waste removal services.
  • A passenger terminal provided with public telephones, bar-restaurant, police, taxis and press.
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