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Maritime Captain

Law 27/1992 of State Ports and of the Merchant Marine. (B.O.E nº. 283 25th November 1992), in its section 88, refers to the Harbour Master’s Office as the new peripheric body of the Maritime Administration, depending on the Ministry of Transport, Communication and Works.

This organisational structure implied the definite dissociation of the Maritime Administration from the Military Administration. Attributing to the Ministry of Transport, Communication and Works, through the General Directorate of the Merchant Marine, the exercise of competences with regard to the general organisation of the maritime navigation and the civil fleet, with the exception of those that, related to the fishing activity, correspond to the Ministry of Agriculture, Fishing and Food.
For the exercise and compliance with its functions, the General Directorate of the Merchant Marine has, in each of the ports where they are developed, a certain level of navigation, or where they are required, the conditions of maritime safety provided by a Harbour Master’s Office.
The data of the Harbour Master’s Office in Cádiz are:
Telephone: 956 22 27 60
Fax: 956 22 82 36
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