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Port Police

Port Police Telephone 956240480

The Port  Police service is in charge of carrying out the duties of special police attributed to the Port Authority by the Law 27/1992, of 24th November, of State Ports and the Merchant Navy.

The general tasks of the Port Police consist of:

• Contributing to the general safety and security of the entire service area of the Cadiz Bay Port.

• Control of the access of people to the port facilities, property, building work and areas of restricted access or limits of the port service area.

• Control of Road Safety and transport in the service area of the port.

• Control, inspection and coordination of port services and maritime signalling, directly rendered by the Port Authority or by means of indirect management.

• Control, inspection and coordination of operations and activities that require their authorization and concession.

• Vigilance of compliance with the clauses and conditions enforced in the act of granting concessions and authorizations.

• Control and inspection of building work, facilities and equipment located in the port zone within the range of their abilities.

• Control in the port limits of compliance with the regulations of dangerous goods and health and safety, as well as security systems and fire alarm systems, without prejudice to the competences that correspond to other organs of the Administration.

 The Port Police service currently consists of 82 officers broken down into 1 Person in Charge of Port Police, 5 Service Managers, 10 Team Leaders and 66 Port Police Officers.

The Port Police agents hold the status of agents of authority of the Port Administration in the exercise of port police jurisdictions included in State Port and Merchant Navy Law and they are obliged to collaborate with Security Forces and Bodies whenever necessary.

To communicate any type of incidence to the Port Police you can call 956240480 which is permanently attended.

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